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EDWebStore undertakes special operations of transaction sales and represents pharmacies of high and dependable reputation. You can be sure that we have all necessary licenses that are legal around the globe. Consequently, we can sell different medical preparations in all world markets. The major objective of our online partnership is to support its clients with only quality products, which will not threaten their health. With our service, anybody has an incredible opportunity to purchase safe preparations at the most acceptable prices. In addition, our products do not require any prescriptions of the physicians. Thus, you will secure your health and spare your costs.

Absolutely Safe Medical Remedy

Our Internet partnership is a special service, which is targeted at purchasing medical remedies of the best quality. We are called EdWebStore. We meet the highest standards and have all necessary documents and recognitions for our activity. All of our actions are legal. We never abuse our customers and take great responsibility for guaranteeing their safety. We purchase the product of dependable pharmaceutical manufacturers that are well known in the world and have high reputation. All of our distributors are recognized worldwide and are famous for their effectual and safe medical remedies.

Our contracted drugstore suggests the top-class quality products that are strictly controlled by the registered and legal physicians. They inspect each product and determine safe terms on usage. After the confirmation by the experts of all medical preparations, they become available in free purchasing. They do not require any prescriptions. The experts also view your health profile and tell whether you can intake this or that remedy. There is a possibility of gaining a password for security online access to all of your actions at our drugstore. Thus, you will assure your privacy even more.


We sell only proven preparations, which have passed all necessary medical tests and trials. They are provided by reliable health care pharmacies. We have a reasonable price policy and our prices are pretty low. At our service, you will also find different kinds of discount for cheap generics that do not require prescriptions. We are recognized and adopted on the international arena and our company is fully accredited.

All prices, those that need a prescription and those that do not, can be seen on our website. Their cost is much lower than at any local drugstore. Thus, you can spare approximately 90% of your costs.

You can easily and quickly check this information. Simply visit our web page and compare our prices with the prices in other similar organizations. The cost of each remedy would be lower. Afterwards, count how much you can spare.


Our online fellowship provides its valuable customers with all modern services and conveniences. We are available 24 hours round the clock and you can always reach us by email or phone to ask your questions. You can review all of the items we sell and learn theirs prices and the discount you can get. Huge orders or lasting memberships are few of possibilities to receive a discount. We also guarantee free shipping and there are no hidden expenses for our services.


Using the outstanding offer of our pharmacy, you will enjoy several advantages. Visit to check yourself all conveniences you can obtain. We provide quick excess any time you need. The privacy of your ordering, as well as the safety of the products is fully guaranteed. You can reach us by different means of communication to make your order. In occasion, you require a prescription remedy, please, be sure that you have a confirmed notification of the physician. You have to provide us with it. Otherwise, we will not sell such kind of production.

We deliver the orders to any point. You should expect your package within 3 weeks from the moment of the confirmation of your order. At times, it will be transported to you faster. Everything depends on the distance. We process the received information on every order within 2-4 business days. Nevertheless, you have to know that sometimes your package deliverance may require more than 21 days. In occasion, this happens you should contact our support team. We will find out all reasons for such delay and will remove them within the shortest possible terms. We always improve our services and do everything possible to support our clients with the best conveniences.


Our organization constantly works on the development of its services and does all that is possible to catch up with the modern requirements. We also work in advance. We offer our dear customers all kinds of products. You can obtain either prescriptive preparations, or those that do not need any permission of the experts. You have a tremendous opportunity to purchase the sought-after products at affordable price, which will safe a solid sum of your earnings.

Hopefully, the information mentioned in this guide will convince you how serious our intensions are. We develop special policy to give our clients the maximally possible conveniences. The best quality and price are synonyms to our partnership.

Using our services, you may be totally sure that you will receive an expert assistance. Our pharmacological partnership has a huge store of different medical treatments of various action. For instance, you can purchase the preparations that remove problems with erectile dysfunction, ailments of cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory and other systems. You can find any reliable remedy to cure any kind of ailments or prevent their occurrence. Besides, they are present in all possible forms – tablets, ointments, capsules, jellies, powders and so on. All that is to your preferences is right here. We acquire our products from the leading companies that are famous around the globe.

We Aspire to :

Support you with the safest and most efficacious generic creations. The price for these are really acceptable and will allow you saving your money. The quickness of our services will also save your money. The fulfillment of our work secures the most comfortable advantages. We dispense care and are always targeted at providing of the maximum conveniences for our customers. Quality of the products, their safety and your privacy, as well as affordable prices are included.

Our major target is to satisfy and meet all needs of our customers. The biggest part of all medications on our resources are generics. However, you should not be afraid about their quality. They are the complete duplications of their originals and repeat the same properties. They simply cost lower, which makes them even more attractive. In case, you doubt their effectuality, you can write to our supporting team and we will give you all necessary information to convince that generics are safe and effectual. Our production is known in India and the rest of the world. They meet all requirements of the health caring organizations and are absolutely legal. Such organizations as FDA, WHO, MHRA and other authoritative institutions confirm the dependability and safety of our activity.

Price Policy

We assure and reassure you that your private data will be secured by the most modern and advanced programs. They protect from all kinds of viruses and spams. You can pay with VISA cards.

Our Prices

Our fellowship gives its clients the chance to save up their money. We offer highly qualified generics at the most attractive prices.

Please, get acknowledged with our profitable offers.

  1. Saving of about 90% of your costs in comparison with other similar US drugstores.
  2. The lowest prices ever! Try to find similar preparations at more affordable. We strongly doubt that.
  3. Free delivery. We provide the free shipping to any point on the planet within 21 business days.
  4. Legal production. Each of our preparations are officially approved by the required institutions.
  5. Professional review. The professional physicians that have the necessary license control each of our cures and approve only really safe products.
  6. You can reach us anytime you wish. We operate 24 hours round the clock.
  7. Safety of production. We sell only those remedies that have passed all required medical trials and enjoyed success.
  8. No hidden payments. You may not be afraid that there will be some other payments safe those you see on our website.
  9. All prescription cures are of the highest dependability and are safe for implementation.
  10. Our Contracted pharmacy strictly supervises all the products we possess in our storage.
  11. Full privacy. We never share personal data of our customers to anyone else. No one would ever find out any details on your order and persona.

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We guarantee all that is required.