Buy Apcalis Jelly 20mg

Buy Apcalis Jelly 20mg


Nowadays, Apcalis Jelly is one of the most sought-after medications that are aimed at curing erectile dysfunction and various connected problems with the male reproductive system. Its physiological mechanism of action is quite simple. It significantly enlarges blood flow to the soft tissue of the penis, providing an adequate erection. Please notice that this medication is not an aphrodisiac. In fact, in order to obtain a complete erection, a patient must receive an adequate sexual stimulation, as it happens in the natural way. Hence, the maximal positive result of this treatment can be registered only in the presence of sexual stimulation. The main active ingredient of Apcalis Jelly is tadalafil, which appertains to the group-specific phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. This active ingredient provides a prolonged stimulation of blood vessels in the penis and increases the patient's ability to experience multiple erections.


Before you initiate your therapy you should contact your physician with an eye to receive all necessary recommendations about various important details. Please check the current state of your circulatory system in order to verify that you are healthy enough for prolonged medication. Deliberate your medical history in detail with your physician before the actual start of your treatment. Inquire your physician about all possible precautions and side effects. Please notice that you have to consult with your doctor in order to obtain all necessary information about all possible effects that may occur when combining Apcalis Jelly with other medications. Make sure that you do not have any type of allergic reaction to any active ingredient of the Apcalis Jelly drug. Notice that simultaneous use of nitrates, such as nitroglycerine or its generics, and buy Apcalis Jelly 20mg is strictly prohibited. The mix of Apcalis Jelly and nitrates can increase your blood pressure and cause permanent problems with health. In this case, you will be experiencing dizziness and faintness. In severe cases, you may even have a heart attack. Never combine nitrates with any type of drugs that have a significant influence on your circulatory system. If you are not sure whether your usual medications contain nitrates, you have to consult with your doctor. Remember that neglecting of this rule leads to serious problems with health, prolonged illness or even death. In addition, it is highly recommended to refrain from drinking alcohol during your course of treatment and before the expected coitus. Unfortunately, an alcohol can temporarily impair patient's ability to experience erections. Therefore, in order to obtain all maximal advantages of your treatment, you should not drink hard liquors before taking the Apcalis Jelly drug. Always take care of your health and stick to these rules in order to achieve a desirable result.

Side effects

Naturally, all medications that have active ingredients, which cause a significant influence on the male reproductive system, may induce various side effects. Thus, in rare cases Apcalis Jelly also can cause different side effects. Please study the register of these side effects very meticulously in order to understand all possible repercussion of your treatment. Remember that you should discuss all nuances of your course of treatment with your doctor in order to understand the best course of your action and establish a list of other drugs that can be used in parallel with the Apcalis Jelly drug, eschewing possible misconceptions and undesirable negative effects. Please note that you must not neglect these actions because an unsafe combination of medications can cause serious illness, permanent negative effects or even death. Therefore, always consult your doctor before mixing Apcalis Jelly with other drugs. If you discover that you are suffering any supplementary side effects or if you are observing any severe reactions to this drug, please discontinue use of the medication and seek for medical care. Here is a concise list of side effects that can be caused by taking the drug Apcalis Jelly:

  • Heartburn, headache.
  • Dizziness.
  • Gastrointestinal discomfort.
  • Swelling in palms, shoulders or ankles.
  • Severe eye pain, temporary loss of vision.
  • Muscle soreness.
  • Unusually prolonged erection (more than 4 hours of continuous erection can damage tissues of the penis, if left untreated).
  • Painful erection.
  • Allergic reactions.


Usually, the daily dose of Apcalis Jelly 20mg does not increase 1 pill per day (1 tablet in 24 hours). Patients who receive different types of protease inhibitors should not take more than one daily dose of this drug within 48 hours. Remember that under no circumstances you should exceed your daily dose. Additionally, you should not try to countervail the dose, which has been missed, by taking a double dose. As a result, you may obtain permanent damage or various side effects. If you consider that you need additional recommendations for your treatment, you should see your doctor for supplementary explanations.

Warning/missed dose

If you have missed your daily dose, take another one at the first opportunity. Please notice that in this case you should calculate the most appropriate moment for your next dose, taking into account the changed interval between doses of medication. Do not forget to amend the schedule of medication with an eye to provide adequate intervals between your daily doses. If this is not possible, then you should pass the dose, which has been missed, and continue your standard regimen. Do not try to overcompensate the missed dose or take a double dose. The maximal recommended daily dose of the drug should not be exceeded. If you unintentionally exceeded the recommended daily dose of the drug, immediately contact your physician in order to receive additional clarifications about your treatment and possible side effects. Remember that you should be careful and attentive with taking every type of medications.

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