Buy Aurogra 100mg

Buy Aurogra 100mg


Nowadays, it is a well-known fact that the main role in the erectile function is assigned to the quality of blood vessels that fill the penis with blood. An erection occurs due to the saturation of the cavernous bodies with blood and vascular tone is the result of complex series of enzymatic reactions. Aurogra 100mg appertains to the neoteric generation of medications, which are designed in order to provide a long-lasting filling of the cavernous bodies of the penis with blood. The main active component of Aurogra is sildenafil citrate. Sildenafil belongs to the group of PDE-5 inhibitors. This medication maintains necessary blood flow at the time of coitus. The effect of this drug is about 4 - 6 hours. However, the prolonged effect of the use of Aurogra can insignificantly vary from patient to patient. The duration of the resulting effect is influenced by common genetic predisposition, environmental conditions, the psychological state of the patient, presence of phobias and neuroses based on sexual themes, the overall level of physical preparation of the patient, the number and quality of food that has been consumed during the day. Additionally, it must be noted that Aurogra does not pertain to the class of aphrodisiacs that cause an erection, bypassing the stage of direct sexual stimulation. Thereby, in order to achieve a desirably prolonged erection, one has to get a direct sexual stimulation.


Firstly, you should check your current health condition with an eye to verify that your coronary system is in excellent state for treatment with Aurogra. Thereby, it is highly recommended to undergo a full examination by your doctor in order to avoid serious problems with your health. Secondly, you should examine your current medication schedule in order to find out if it includes various drugs that comprise nitrates. Simultaneous use of the Aurogra medication with other drugs that contain nitrates is strictly prohibited! Please double-check all medications that you take regularly in order to gain confidence that you do not receive drugs that contain nitrates. If you have doubts about some medications, you have to consult with your physician. In rare cases, a combination of drugs, which are used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, and medications that contain nitrates may cause permanent problems with the coronary system, severe, serious disorders, prolonged illness or even death! Thirdly, patients that suffer the following diseases may not use the Aurogra medication: cardiovascular diseases; suffered heart attack or stroke; severe kidney or liver disease; anatomical deformation of the penis, etc. If you suffer from these diseases, you should refuse therapy with this drug and discuss with your doctor other methods of treatment. Notice that even before self-medication you should seek advice from an experienced doctor because erectile dysfunction may be caused by other health problems, of which a person currently has no idea, for example, circulatory disorders, diabetes mellitus, spinal cord injury, hypertension etc. Certainly, patients who have any sort of severe or chronic coronary, liver or kidney illness should take this medication only as administered by their doctor. Obviously, Aurogra is intended for use only by men who suffer an erectile dysfunction. Therefore, take care that it is out of reach for those who have not reached puberty. In addition, you should keep the Aurogra away from direct sunlight and store it in a dry, cool place.

Side effects

Naturally, all types of medications, especially those that have a significant influence on the circulatory system, can induce different side effects. Thereby, therapy with this drug can induce a standard set of side effects, such as photophobia, muscle soreness, variegated allergic reactions, anaphylactic shock, dyspepsia, insomnia, headaches, temporary distortions in color perception, muscle aches, nasal congestion, sneezing, palpitations etc. Additionally, in rare cases such side effects as diarrhea, chest pain, painful erection, priapism were observed.


The standard daily dose of Aurogra is 50 mg. This dose should be taken 30-60 minutes before the assumed sexual activity. Patients who have reached age 65 and older should take a minimal recommended daily dose (25 mg per day). The maximal dose, which is allowed to take, is 100 mg. This dose should not be exceeded, in no circumstances. The half-life of the active components, which are comprised in the standard pill of Aurogra, is 4 hours. However, it varies by physiological characteristics of each particular individual, and by food and drink consumed during daily activity.

Warning/missed dose

Take this drug according to the instruction, which is indicated on the packaging. If your doctor has appointed you the special regime of receiving the drug, you should not break these instructions. Unfortunately, a significant and long-term excess of the daily dose of the drug reduces the effectiveness of a long-acting treatment. Therefore, you should not exceed the daily dose, which is established by your doctor, under any circumstances. If you have missed your daily dose, you should not attempt to compensate it by taking additional dose of this medication or by doubling your ordinary dose. In this situation the only acceptable option, from a safety point of view, would be to skip the missed day and continue your standard course of treatment. In addition, you should not increase your daily dose without consultation with your physician, even if you consider that you may need an additional portion of the medication. Remember that Aurogra is not an aphrodisiac and that it is not designed as a 'lifebuoy' for a critical situation. Furthermore, Aurogra is a drug, which is created for a long-lasting treatment of erectile dysfunction, and with an eye to achieve a desirable effect one has to consider it as a medication, which provides a prolonged effect, not as a drug for one-time use.

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