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What are pharmaceutical characteristics of Avanafil 50mg and what primary effect does this preparation have? Avanafil 100mg represents a new, much-improved preparation that appertains to the division of ED-medicine – that is, pharmaceutical preparations, which help people cope with the problem of astyphia. These tablets are also distributed under the name of Stendra and works similarly to Viagra, helping achieve a healthy erection and keep it for a prolonged period. Avanafil appertains to the division of ED drugs (PDE5 inhibitor) on a par with Viagra, but works better and by order of magnitude faster.

What key particularities are essential for you to comprehend about Avanafil? Consume the medication accordingly to your physician’s recommendations. Remember that it is essential that the medication is consumed exactly as the physician said. The most widespread recommendation is to swallow a pill about half an hour before planned sexual activity. They can be consumed regardless of your dietary intake, however, you should drink alcohol beverages very carefully, if not avoid alcohol at all.

Avanafil can assist to achieve a full-blooded erection only when an adequate sexual stimulation takes place. You should not expect that a strong erection and sexual arousal could be achieved simply by taking a tablet. Make sure that your partner has a determined desire to start a sexual act. Also, remove all stressful factors and hindrances that can possibly distract both of you. Try to relax and bear in mind that the preparation is a powerful assistant albeit it cannot adapt you psychologically.


What pre-emptive measures could be taken against by-effects and unwanted sequelae of the preparation? In the first place, make sure the Avanafil treatment does not collide with your current medication. Elude consuming other tablets that are considered useful for the treatment of male erectile disorder during the period you are on the prescribed course of your ED-drug. Moreover, do not consume the medicine if there is the slightest risk of allergic reaction.

Side effects

What unwanted sequelae and by-effects Avanafil is prone to cause? Be ready for all emergencies, and watch carefully if any signs of allergic reaction become visible, such as swelling of the face, itching, or rash. In case the preparation makes you unusually dizzy or evoke sickness while you maintain sexual activity, or in case you undergo tingling in your chest, pain, numbness in arms, neck or jaw, cease your activity without delay and contact your therapeutist. There is a possibility, though not highly probable, that you will suffer from a critical side effect of the medicine. Discontinue using the preparation and get in touch with the healthcare provider immediately in case some serious side effects begin taking place, namely:

  • Troubles with vision, sudden loss of vision or distortions of the ability to see;
  • Clearly perceptible ringing in the ears, severe decrease or even loss of hearing;
  • Internal pain, palpitations or painful flutter of the beating heart;
  • Stabs or twinge of pain in one leg or both legs;
  • Drastic shortness of breath, swollen feet or hands;
  • Inappropriately swollen penis that is erected longer than four hours.
The patient can also experience heat in the face, neck zone or chest, twitches, light dizziness. Different indications such as stuffy nose, pain in the ear or throat are also possible. Sometimes the patients also experience diarrhea, troubles with stool, indigestion or a backache. This list is not full and long usage of the medication can cause additional unwanted sequelae. Keep your physician well-informed about your health condition and ask for medical advice about all by-effects and personal precautions.


How many tablets of Avanafil usually takes the patient and when? Take it exactly in the dosage that was administered by your attending medical doctor. Elude consuming inappropriately large amounts. Follow closely the instructions that was attached to the box. Take into account that your physician may occasionally adjust the dose in order to assure the best possible results and minimum discomfort for your health. Normally, Avanafil is regularly taken when it is required, which is about half an hour prior to intended coitus. If you are in doubt ask your attending medical doctor and follow the instructions given. Make sure that the package of the medication is not exposed to high temperatures, humidity and moisture as well as heat and direct sun.

According to the standards, the usage of the preparation must be limited by a strict timetable. This means you must wait at least 24 hours between repeated takings of a dose. Get in touch with your therapeutist if the erection lingers significantly longer than four hours. The condition of undesirably long and aching erection (priapism) increases the chances for your penis to be damaged.

Warning/missed dose

What factors/conditions are better to elude during the treatment? Apparently, alcohol might influence positively the likelihood of peculiar unwanted sequelae of the preparation. Elude consuming beverages and alcohol-containing drinks during the whole period you are consuming Avanafil. Please, do not drink too much alcohol if you are consuming the preparation or generic, since it increases the likelihood that you will suffer from dizziness, lowered blood pressure or other harmful post-effects. Also, some citrus fruits could interact with the tablets and lead to risky or unpleasant by-effects. Please, debate the intake of citrus fruits with the attending medical doctor.

Keep in mind that abuse of this preparation on a par with taking exceeding doses are inadmissible. Demand an answer from your physician about effects of missed dose. Finally, this preparation is not designed to secure against sexually transmitted diseases, such as gonorrhea or syphilis. Hence, employing a contraceptive is the exclusive method to secure your health against the aforementioned diseases.

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