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What general information/facts should you comprehend about Caverta 50mg? Caverta is manufactured by many world leaders of the modern pharmaceutical industry and is also widely known as pills of Sildenafil Citrate. The aforementioned preparation appertains to the group of preparations called ED-drugs, which are specially designed to help patients treat male erectile disorder. You may feel the effect in just 15 minutes after you consume the preparation. Numerous studies of this medication also demonstrate that in comparison to much more popular Viagra it has fewer side effects.

There are no special storage conditions: make the preparation unreachable for children and keep it at room temperature which is, approximately, not higher than 30 degrees Celsius. Keep in mind that you must recycle any medications left after the expiration of the shelf life.


Are there some particular issues related to your well-being, which must be inevitably told to the healthcare provider? Please, make sure before consuming this medication that you have informed your healthсare provider or therapeutist of several or all of the highly important health issues, namely:

  • Defective seeing or distortions in field of vision;
  • Heart irregularities or diseases (you necessarily have to provide the clinical chart that mentions cardiovascular illnesses or analogous disorders), ARD or angina, dangerously low or high blood pressure;
  • All possible liver, spleen or kidney diseases and malfunctions;
  • Any other serious or chronic diseases, including cases of seizure;
  • Clearly defined hypersensitiveness to generics, other preparations, organic dyes, victuals, or food additives.

Side effects

Are there any by-effects or unwanted sequelae that you must be knowledgeable of? As all generics of Viagra, Caverta might cause a wide range of side effects the exact type or amount of which strictly depend on peculiarities of patient’s health condition. Here is the list of by-effects, and in case you can see any of them setting in you must report to your therapeutist without the slightest delay:

  • All kinds of hypersensitiveness, such as painful feelings in various parts of the body;
  • Breath shortness or pronounced difficulties in breathing;
  • Sudden deafness or distinctive distortions in hearing;
  • Blurred field of vision, sudden decrease in seeing, troubles with recognizing some colors;
  • Internal pain, palpitations or fast, irregular beating of the heart;
  • Unusually long or unhealthy erection (lingering more than 4 hours);
  • Paroxysms, seizures or pangs.
Among such by-effects, there are also several additional unwanted sequelae that are not subject to urgent medical involvement (however, you can discuss them with your attending medical doctor or therapeutist if they are bothersome or definitely unpleasant for you). The additional by-effects are as follows: diarrhea, flushing, light headache, feebly marked stomach pain, slightly stuffy nose. You must take into account that the aforementioned list could not perfectly describe all unwanted sequelae. Contact your therapeutist to learn about all the whole range of by-effects.


How many pills of Caverta 100mg is it advisable to consume? Consult your physician with the object to administer dosage. Establish that you comprehend not only the dosage, but also how often it is recommended to take the preparation. Swallow the tablets with enough volume of water or juice. Normally, you should swallow the medication about one hour before your intended sexual activity. According to the standards, the patient must wait at least 24 hours before another dose. Elude overdosing Caverta! In case you happen to consume more pills than your prescription envisages, please immediately contact the nearest clinic or your therapeutist. NOTE: The medication must be prescribed exclusively for your need. Give it not to your acquaintances, even if they have health conditions similar to yours.

Warning/missed dose

What could happen if you miss a dose? Normally, it is essential that you monitor your dosage and the intake of other preparations. There are many medications that should not be taken during your treatment with Caverta, namely: cisapride, other products for the treatment of astyphia, any preparations considered as ‘nitrates’. Moreover, check with your attending medical doctor whether it is possible for you to take Caverta simultaneously with high blood pressure medications, venereal infections medicines, erythromycin, fluconazole or voriconazole.

Keep in mind that this list may be incomplete, therefore show your doctor a list of all your nonprescription drugs and active dietary ingredients. In addition, obligatorily tell them if you smoke, drink alcohol or use illegal drugs.

There are also several points that are very important for you to consider. In case you manage to feel any distortions in your vision during the period of using Caverta, call your therapeutist or healthcare provider as soon as possible. Notice carefully if the erection lingers much longer than four hours or if it gives you uncomfortable feelings. These symptoms will probably be a sign that you have a troublesome health condition that must be treated right away in order to prevent severe injury. If you happen to undergo symptoms of nausea while being involved in sexual intercourse, or, alternatively, you feel pain in your chest or arms after you have taken the preparation, you should immediately proceed to seeking medical advice. Do not consume an unreasonable lot of alcohol (for example, 5 glasses of beer, wine, or cocktails) while you are on treatment with this medication. Drinking to excess increases the chances to end up with a headache or dizziness as long as it increases your heart rate or lowers your blood pressure. Finally, consuming this preparation has nothing to do with protection against venereal diseases or infections.

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