Buy Filagra Super Active 100mg

Buy Filagra Super Active 100mg

Filagra Super Active

The problem of erectile dysfunction has existed among men from time immemorial even though it is quite possible that no treatments were available to deal with existing conditions. Women also come across problems like these and looked out for remedies, which will provide assistance when trying to gain satisfaction from physical intimacy. During the mid-90s when viagra was introduced it was recommended that women and adult males below the age of 18 should not use the medication. Presently, the remedy has advanced by a large margin with the introduction of a generic variety, which is available under the brand name Filagra Super Active. This medication also has all the qualities of Viagra with the exception that it can also be taken by women to achieve their sexual desires.

The problem of erectile disorder was prevailing among men from a long time, and perhaps a belief also existed that this was just an age-related issue, which had nothing to do with the individual. It could have been the reasons why pharmaceutical companies did not bother finding remedies to treat the disorder. Even when a remedy was made available in the mid-90s, it was clarified that the medication could only be used by males and not by their female counterparts.

Manufacturers of Viagra did not think it fit to give the requirements of women a thought because they perhaps believed women could not have suffered from this condition because of differences in the physical structure. Human anatomy has proven them wrong because women encounter problems that are similar to men and face disorders of the sexual variety. They have problems getting aroused and achieving orgasm just as men have to deal with improper erections that do not allow them to engage in sexual activity. Presently, it is a manufacturer from the subcontinent that has discovered this medication, which is being marketed under the brand name, Filagra Super Active that is helpful both for men and women to achieve satisfaction from sexual activities.

Filagra Super Active is not a drug in the same league as Viagra because it can cause arousal even in women who have crossed the postmenopausal state leading them to become frigid. This is another version of the compound sildenafil citrate and is applied primarily to deal with issues regarding erection among men. The drug is helpful in assisting men who suffer from impotence of the partial kind and is popularly known as erectile dysfunction.

As with other varieties that are also available on the market, Filagra Super Active as well improves blood supply to the genital organs in men and women making it possible for them to have satisfactory sexual intercourse. Men can achieve the kind of erection they need while women will be well aroused to reach orgasm. Therefore, it can be said that this is a new-age booster for men and women who lack the confidence to indulge in sex because of a number of problems, which affect them.

Filagra Super Active And its Contraindications

It is very well known that sildenafil has its contraindications despite being a proven medication. Therefore, it is essential for people to understand that not everyone will be able to use the drug to achieve the kind of pleasure they want because it can certainly leave behind problems, which can be harmful. Let us look at some of the primary contraindications that have been noted.

  • Adults under the age of 18 are not permitted to use the drug.
  • A similar problem will be faced by people over the age of 65 who could be suffering from problems of the heart, liver or their kidneys.
  • This medication is tolerated well by the human body and will not cause any allergic reactions.
  • It does not inhibit people from driving or working with machines of any kind unlike other varieties that are also available.
  • Most importantly Filagra Super Active does not affect the quality of the sperm. Women will have no problems using the drug because it will also help them with their arousal and allow them to have satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Side Effects of Filagra Super Active 100mg

Medications of any type can cause side effects if they are not used in the manner prescribed. It must be mentioned even though Filagra Super Active is a generic version of sildenafil citrate it can cause some side effects that people should be aware about. Some of the most common side effects that have been spoken about are given mentioned below for your reference.

1.It can cause problems with the nervous system and also to sensory organs leading to dizziness, flushing, visual disturbances and headache.

2.It can cause congestion within the nasal system.

3.Some users have even reported problems with diarrhea and infections of the urinary tract.

4.In rare cases, skin rashes have also been reported.

To their credit, the manufacturers have made it clear that most of the side effects spoken about generally pass away within a short time. However, advice is also provided that the medication should not be exceeded at any time and if over dosage is estimated a medical practitioner should be contacted immediately for the treatment as required.

Dosage Of FILAGRA Super Active That Is Recommended

Filagra super active is available in varying strengths ranging from 25 MG-100 MG. The manufacturers recommend 50 MG of the drug taken once during a 24-hour period for best effects. Recommendations have also been made that a dosage of 25 MG can also be used. However, it has been specified that the dosage should not exceed 100 mg and that people over the age of 65 and suffering from problems related to the liver or their kidneys not take over 25 MG in a single dosage. Multiple doses regardless of the strength of the medication must not be used in any condition.

Warnings For Missed Doses

There is a requirement for men and women to understand that these medications are only prescribed to enhance the pleasure of their sexual activity and are not a benefit to their health in any way. People should not be worried about missing a dose and try to compensate for the same by using extra doses. It will be beneficial for them to understand they do not lose anything if they have missed the recommended dosage other than a few moments of pleasure. Therefore, advice is provided not to worry about missed doses at anytime.

Filagra Super Active and other similar medications, which are available, are best consumed after being prescribed by a healthcare practitioner. People who do not have proper information about these drugs or the contraindications they have are advised to stay away from using the drug, unless they have a prescription. There is a need for people to understand that while such medications will improve their pleasure, it can definitely prove harmful if they do not adhere to the specifications provided by the manufacturers and their medical practitioner.

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