Buy Kamagra 100mg

Buy Kamagra 100mg

Kamagra - Your Dependable Helper

When talking about the cures that treat the difficulties with erectile dysfunction, one can say really a lot, because there exist great numbers of such specific helpers of men. Notwithstanding, far not all of them are really reliable, efficacious and what is more important safe. Still, you can find good cures that will secure your health and remove all problems. One of such cures is called Kamagra.

This is a creation of an Indian partnership Ajanta Pharma. Its formulation is the same as of famous brand Viagra. The major active substance is called Sildenafil. It fully copies all outstanding capabilities of the original and works alike. The active components increase the blood inflow to the male genitals, which secures healthy and strong erection. Together with natural reinforcement, men will be able to have proper sexual activity for not less than 4 hours.

The action will start within half an hour after employment. You should know that fatty foods may delay the beginning of the action. Depending on personal characteristics of the examinees, it may start working faster and slower. However, the results are dependable and show that this cure is very safe.

The multiple tests and trials have shown that Kamagra is well-tolerated and has even lesser number of adverse effects than the original product. Its influence upon the organism is quite soft. The official institutions have proven that it is completely safe for the applying, if using it correctly. For that, you ought to have a proper consultation at a specialist.

In comparison with other cures of the similar direction, Kamagra 100mg gets absorbed by the human organism faster. The maximal concentration of its substances in the blood streaming is reached within some hour. Of course, fatty foods will increase the period of absorption. Everything is individually. Nevertheless, in almost all situations, the process of absorption and further activity is reached rapidly and the functioning is dependable.

You may not worry about effectiveness of this cure even though it is a generic. It has the same properties as Viagra and in some cases, its action is better. Besides, its cost is much lower, which is another advantage of Kamagra.


In definite occasions, you should not put to use this cure, inasmuch as interaction with other medications or suffering from different states of health may do sufficient harm to your organism. Keep in memory all of the following indications and inform your supervisor, if you have any of them.

The contraindications are:

  • overly high sensuality to the formulation of the preparation;
  • simultaneous usage of tools that have nitrates in their formulation;
  • intake of cures of the similar action;
  • heart attack and stroke;
  • angina;
  • serious renal or liver ailments.
It is forbidden for usage of women and identities who have not turned 18 years.

Adverse Reactions

This cure has moderate affection upon the entire organism and if any complications take place, their severity is pretty low. However, the possibility of their occurrence exists. In occasion, you experience any adverse reactions, especially severe ones you must get in touch with your supervisor without any delays. Under such conditions, every minute is of great importance.

Among possible adverse reactions may happen:

  • Headaches and migraines;
  • Dizziness;
  • High sensuousness to light and different vision disturbances;
  • Excessive flushing immediately after taking the drug, the sensation of heat on the face;
  • Nasal congestion;
  • Indigestion;
  • Conjunctivitis, fear of light, bleeding in the eye, cataract, pain in the eyes;
  • Noise and pain in the ears;
  • Shortness of breath, cough, bronchitis, asthma, laryngitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis;
  • A strong heartbeat, tachycardia, syncope, low blood pressure, postural hypotension, peripheral edema, myocardial ischemia, cerebral thrombosis, delayed heartbeat, abnormal electrocardiogram;
  • Thirst, nausea, vomiting, gastroenteritis, colitis, rectal bleeding;
  • Chest pain, weakness;
  • Pain in the lumbar region;
  • Gout, arthralgia, myalgia, tendon rupture, tenosynovitis, myasthenia, arthritis;
  • Ataxia, neuralgia, tremors, excessive sleepiness, insomnia, reduced reflexes, hypoesthesia;
  • Herpes, skin rash, itching, sweating, ulcers, contact dermatitis;
  • Difficulties with urination;
  • Swelling of the mammary glands, premature ejaculation dysfunction, troubles with the form of genitals;
  • Anemia, leukopenia;
  • Hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, hypernatremia.
  • Cerebrovascular disorders, fainting;
  • Bleeding from the nose.


It is utterly significant to carefully learn all instructions concerning how to use this tool, or any other of the same direction. As well as following precisely all the prescriptions of the supervisor, inasmuch as common and first reason for the complications of any sort is misuse of the tablets. The cases of overdosing are pretty frequent. Other reason for that is the ignorance of contraindications.

When curing with Kamagra, you ought to strictly follow all dosing regimen. Use only one bag of this cure per day. Never take more, if your supervisor has not allowed that!

One bag contains 50mg of the cure. This is a common starting dose for most examinees. It should be taken about half an hour prior the planned sexual activity. The effect will last up to 4 hours. The maximal dosing per day may reach 100mg only! If taking more, you risk receiving adverse reactions of high severity. In definite cases, when there are some specific difficulties with health, such as heart, kidney or liver ailments, the dosing is usually decreased to 25mg only.

Warning/Missed Dose

In case, you have missed your dose, let know your supervisor and take it as it has been before. Do not take the doubled dose at any rate! This will only induce harmful events, because the concentration of the active components in the blood greatly enhances.

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