Buy Sildigra 100mg

Buy Sildigra 100mg

Sildigra to Treat and Recover Erection

Unfortunately, there exist many different ailments that do sufficient harm to our health and some are even incurable. Among severe ailments that have serious consequences is erectile dysfunction. This is inability for men to receive proper erection. Undoubtedly, this is the hardest strike for man's pride. It negatively influences everyday activity and interaction with other identities and due to such happenings, the matter is of great seriousness.

The reasons to that are commonly mental. In such situations, a professional help of a psychologist may remove these problems. Notwithstanding, the reason may be also physical. In such case, the examinee should seek for aid from the sphere of medical inventions.

Thanks to quick and effectual development of medicine, the difficulties with ED can be cured and quite dependably. There exist hundreds of appropriate means, which can help men to regain their power. However, prior making the final choice, you should be sure that the mean is dependable, efficacious and will not harm you. There are many means, but not all are safe, or are not too effectual. If you are looking for a really effectual and safe mean for curing erection, you can choose Sildigra.

It is a generic of famous Viagra, as its major ingredient is Sildenafil. Nevertheless, it totally duplicates all the properties and effects of the famous brand. You may be confident about this matter. The difference is only in lower price and the name. All other indications are much the same.

Sildenafil is a specific inhibitor and is known in the world of science as enzyme PDE5. It helps in cases of weakening male power due to physical problems, as well as some stressful factors and bad habits.

Its action is targeted at enhancing the blood stream in the pelvic organs. Due to that enhancement, comes erection. Of course, it is impossible without natural reinforcement. Simple taking of the pills will not secure the occurrence of erection.

The influence upon the organism is quite soft and this minimizes the chance for adverse effects. This tool is easily tolerated, does not induce hormonal imbalance, does not violate sperm activity and does not affect fertility. It has met all the requirements of the official medical tests and can be freely used.


Under definite conditions, you cannot use these pills, for they can harm your health. You ought to remember all of these conditions and inform your supervisor whether you have any of them, or used to have. This is very significant!

In case, you have previously experienced some allergies to Sildenafil, you have to inform your supervisor. These could be rash, itching, swelling of face or lips, worsened breathing. You must not use this or any other tool that contains Sildenafil, if you experience abnormal sensuousness to this substance.

You should not use them together with preparations that have nitrates in their formulation, as well as those tools that also cure difficulties with erection. Interaction with them is utterly dangerous.

Obligatory tell your supervisor, if you suffer from the following conditions - sickle cell anemia, leukemia, multiple myeloma, or deformation of the penis.

Do not use it, if you have - eye ailments, an ulcer stomach and ailments accompanied by bleeding, ailments of kidneys and liver, illnesses of heart, severe hypotension, degenerative sicknesses of the retina. For such conditions, there must be a special regulation and observation.

If you have had a heart attack less than 6 months ago and if you have prolonged erection, you should also inform your supervisor.

There are no definite recommendations concerning usage of examines with kidney and liver ailments and so, your supervisor must determine the dosing depending on your personal characteristics.

Of course, these pills must not be taken by women and identities who have not turned 18.

Adverse Effects

Note that this mean can induce some undesired effects, which can negatively reflect on your average state. Commonly, they have brief influence and it is not serious. Almost in all cases, adverse effects take place because of the overdosing or inappropriate usage of this mean.

The adverse effects can be as follows:

  • Flares.
  • Flushing of the skin.
  • Dizziness.
  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Upset stomach.
  • Heart palpitations.
  • Temporary visual disturbances - alterations in color perception, bad visual acuity.


Before using these pills, you ought to learn carefully all their indications and remember the required safe dosing. Never change your dosing regimen by yourself and consult your supervisor any time you feel some inconveniences. Mind that all doses can be prescribed by a specialist only! Self-treatment is unlikely, as it may lead to negative affection of your organism.

If you are planning sexual activity, you should take this mean about 15-25 minutes in advance. Depending on personal peculiarities of each examinee, it will start its action in this period. You consume food while taking the pills, or may refuse from it. Mark only that fatty foods may remove the beginning of the action. And never take these pills with alcohol.

One capsule of this mean contains 100 mg. It must be taken once per day and not more frequently than it is prescribed by your supervisor. Only a specialist can determine and change your doses. Remember that you will require natural arousal for erection.

Note that you should not mix these pills with nitrates, beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers and HIV protease inhibitors. Using Ketakonazol, you risk enhancing the levels of the plasma of Sildenafil in your blood, which can lead to the appearance of adverse effects of great severity.

Keep to these indications and you will secure your health.

Warning/Missed Dose

In case, you have missed your dose, you must not intake two pills at once. This is fully unneeded. You simply should follow your common regime. Too great concentration of the active substance in the organism leads to harmful events.

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