Buy Sildigra Xl Plus 150mg

Buy Sildigra Xl Plus 150mg

Sildigra XL Plus Will Help You to Regain Your Erection

Today, the medical market is overcrowded with great amounts of different medications, which are targeted to overcome this or that ailment. One of the directions that is of great importance and is oftentimes sough-after is the treatment of impotence in men. This part of the market enjoys great success since the famous Viagra has appeared. The incredible discovery has given the start for multiple versions of this tool. Sildigra XL Plus is one of such products.

This product is aimed at overcoming difficulties with gaining erection. It is a generic of Viagra and contains its main substance - Sildenafil. It fully copies all the properties of the famous original. Accordingly, you can be sure that it will help you. It increases the blood inflow to the penis and thus, it enables the process of erection. Of course, just taking tablets will not bring erection. It will come only in case that there is natural desire.

The excellent formula of this product minimizes the occurrence of adverse effects. Even if these occur, their severity is moderate or soft. It also does not affect libido and fertility. This product secures proper erection, which can be reached for about 6 hours after employment. The effectuality and safety of Sildigra XL Plus 150mg is guaranteed and proven by the official institutions. You can use it without fear for your health.


In certain cases, it is not advised to employ this preparation, because different ailments and other reasons can induce harmful events. It is of great importance to know all contraindications and probably, pass a few medical tests to find out if you have any. In case, there are any, you must tell your physician who will decide what to do next.

You should not intake Sildigra XL Plus if you:

  • experience overly high sensuousness to its formulation;
  • receive allergies, such as rash, itching, swelling of face or lips, shortness of breath. Or you used to have any before;
  • simultaneously take means with nitrates in their composition;

Do not use this tool, if have the following ailments:

  • sickle cell anemia;
  • leukemia;
  • multiple myeloma;
  • deformation of the penis;
  • eye ailments;
  • an ulcer stomach;
  • ailments accompanied by bleeding;
  • ailments of kidneys and liver;
  • illnesses of heart;
  • severe hypotension;
  • degenerative sicknesses of the retina.
In occasions of kidney and liver disorders and sicknesses, there must be a special regulation of the doses and careful observation of how Sildenafil and other substances affect the health conditions of the examinees. There is no certain recommendations on how to use this tool by such examinees.

You also should tell your physician whether you have priapism. This is an abnormally long erection, which can last for more than 4 hours. This is a dangerous and unhealthy state, because of which, men can even fully lose possibility to have erection.

It is not permitted to use this tool, if you have had heart attack less than 6 months ago. This tool has powerful impact upon cardiovascular system.

Sildigra XL Plus is not meant to be used by women. Youngsters under 18 years cannot use it as well.

Adverse Effects

This is a very resourceful and powerful tool and there is a possibility of the occurrence of adverse effects. The possibility that any would take place is very low. Nevertheless, such a chance exists. Commonly, these effects do not last for too long and their severity is not high.

Please, inform your physician, if you experience:

  • Flares.
  • lushing of the skin.
  • Upset stomach.
  • Heart palpitations.
  • Some visual difficulties, such as changes in distinguishing between colors, complicated visual acuity.
  • Dizziness.
  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting.
Mind that in most cases, the adverse effects happen when there is overdosing. It is a common mistake that is made by a lot of examinees. Do not change more tablets than is permitted by your physician. It leads to great harm to your health.


Take these tablets approximately 15-25 minutes prior the expected sexual intercourse. Intake the tablets with liquid. You can drink them regardless of meal, so it is up to you whether to take them with food or without it. You have to remember that fatty foods delay the beginning of the action of these pills. You also have to remember that you cannot drink any alcohol drinks, if you are using these tablets.

One capsule contains 100 mg and commonly, the dose is 1 tablet per day. Under definite conditions, the dose can be decreased. At any rate, all doses must be prescribed by a specialist only! Don't you ever change the dosing on your own! You are not expert and may miss some essential points, which can do sufficient harm to your health. You should always ask your physician how to use these tablets. Self-treatment is utterly hazardous for anyone.

Please, memorize other indications! Do not use this tool together with beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers and HIV protease inhibitors. The interaction with such substances, as well as with nitrates, negatively affects the organism and almost always leads to unwished occasions.

Do not use Ketakonazol, inasmuch as you are risking maintaining the presence of the plasma of Sildenafil in your blood. In such situation, the possibility of the occurrence of adverse effects greatly increases. Into the bargain, the severity of those effects would be higher as well.

Sticking to all the indications and recommendations of your physician, you will significantly secure your health from damage.

Warning/Missed Dose

Sometimes, examinees forget to intake the tablet, or due to some other conditions, are not capable to do that. After this, many who do a very common and dangerous mistake - the examinee intakes two tablets. This is totally wrong! Taking two tablets at once, you enhance the presence of the active substances of the tablets. Consequently, their impact is greater and they will induce harmful events.

If you miss a dose, do not take two tablets instead of the missed day. Keep using them as it was prescribed by your physician.

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