Buy Tadaga 40mg

Buy Tadaga 40mg


There are a lot of preparations nowadays that solve the problem of male sexual dysfunction. But Cialis and generic medicines are able to provide great sex for up to 36 hours. Moreover, the side effects of the drug are rare. Tadaga is a new generic of Cialis. It consists of the same active ingredient - Tadalafil. Therefore, a means has the same properties and is as effective and safe as it is original. That is why his popularity grew at lightning speed, and sale of Tadaga spread to many countries of the world. Tadaga can be bought in our time in Europe, America, Australia and many other continents.

Cialis and its generics including Tadaga are called weekend drugs. This reputation they gained thanks to the amazing properties to remain effective up to 36 hours and in some cases (depending on the characteristics of the human body, the receiving agent) even up to 48 hours. That is, taking the pill on Friday night, one can almost until lunch or the evening of Sunday at a convenient time engage in full-quality sex without worrying about the fact that at some point fail. Also it is convenient that its effectiveness is not reduced by food intake, and it is fully compatible with alcohol. For a romantic weekend, these properties can not be overstated. Preparation action begins quickly - after about half an hour after ingestion. The frequency of consumption should not be more than once per 24 hours.

Buying Tadaga is recommended in cases where a violation of erectile function takes place. Moreover, the tool is effective in any erectile dysfunction, regardless of the reasons - psychological, physiological or mixed - with any degree of seriousness of the violation. It is useful if you, for example, had an exciting appointment, and you are afraid that excitement can play a cruel joke with you or just want to experience new sensations and to improve the quality of your sex.

Despite the fact that Tadaga 40mg is a full analogue of the original Cialis, it has a significant advantage - it is much cheaper. In the production of generic drugs not as much money are spent on research, clinical and laboratory testing, an expensive advertising campaign, development of production technology tools. All this has been done in the development of the original drug. Therefore, the cost of generic drugs is times below. This, of course, is reflected in their price. So buying Tadaga can be much cheaper than Cialis.

Action is dictated by the properties of the included therein active substance - tadalafil. Cialis increases blood flow to the genitals, and in all the pelvic organs, expands the corpora cavernosa of the penis and blood vessels, preparing them to receive powerful blood flow. Blood abundantly fills the penis, and exits for it close. It causes in its turn solid and stable erection. Under natural conditions, after the completion of intercourse after ejaculation, the body produces a special substance - PDE-5 type. It helps to open the exit from the penis and to squeeze the blood out of it. Tadalafil delays its production. Thus, an erection lasts longer during intercourse. It should be noted that tight blood-filled penis becomes much more sensitive. Therefore sensation during sexual intercourse increases, orgasm is much stronger and brighter.

Manufacturer - pharmaceutical company Dharam Distributors (India). Drug is issued in the form of pills for resorption. They include 40 mg of tadalafil. The dose is sufficient to provide the highest effect. Drops do not need to drink water. It has a pleasant taste.

Tadaga software combines the key characteristics required to achieve the result - a rapid onset of action and long duration. If the second characteristic depends on the properties of the active substance, the first - the speed of onset of action - provided by the release form - sucking dragees. Once in the mouth, they are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream through numerous capillaries in mouth, especially there are a lot of capillaries under the tongue. That is why the pills dissolve under the tongue better. It takes only 15 minutes for the effect of the drug to appear. Moreover, bypassing the digestive tract, the active substance is not exposed to damaging the digestive juices and food. Therefore, its effectiveness increases. It is even combinable with alcohol, so you don't need to correct your diet after starting to use this preparation.


Some situations and diseases are contraindications when Cialis capsules should not be used:

  • anatomical deformation of the penis;
  • priapism;
  • leukemia;
  • myeloma;
  • sickle cell anemia;
  • heart and vascular disease;
  • violation of the kidneys and liver;
  • reception with alcohol;
  • nitrogen donators;
  • nitrate drugs and nitroglycerin.

Side effects

Redness of the skin, indigestion, dizziness, headache and pain in the joints and muscles are the most common side effects. Vision problems, face swelling and pains in the back are more uncommon, but can indicate traces of the serious health problems, therefore if you notice them, get medical assistance right away. These effects are temporary, they do not interfere to enjoy sex. It is important to remember to consult your healthcare provider of you are having any of this problems after using Tadaga.


Only one tablet containing 20 mg of tadalafil is allowed for use per day. It is recommended to decide your individual dose more precisely with your doctor. Try to first pick the minimal dose, and then increase it if necessary. Make sure to check your health state before deciding to use this medication, as it can help you avoid unnecessary problems in the future.

Warning/missed dose

Overdosing this preparation may cause the side effects to appear more frequently and in much more hard form. Please, make sure to carefully read the instructions before using Tadaga to avoid potential health problems. If you noticed any of the side effects described above taking place, immediately contact your healthcare provider to receive medical help.

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