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Another popular drug, solving the problem of erectile dysfunction in men with great success is Cialis. It, as well as Levitra, appeared in the global pharmaceutical market after Viagra and has significant advantages over it. These advantages have provided him great popularity. The active ingredient of the drug is Tadalafil. The most common dosage is 20 mg. It is optimal for the average man, and therefore most in demand. Buying Cialis 20 mg may be for those who are not experiencing serious health problems, but suffer from erectile dysfunction. 20 mg is an amount sufficient to deal with violations of any severity. Cialis sale is organized through the pharmacy network in many countries.

Before you order Tadalafil it is useful to know what processes it affects, what we can expect from him, and what to expect is not necessary. Therefore, we will briefly describe the mechanism of action of tadalafil. It, like all five inhibitors of phosphodiesterase type included in the medicines of erectile dysfunction, affects the production of the two substances involved in sexual intercourse: Nitric Oxide and the PDE5 enzyme. Nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels of the penis, giving a way a free flow of blood. At the same time it accelerates blood circulation and provides a tight filling of the penis with blood. Tadalafil activates the production of this substance. To return the man's penis at rest, at the end of sexual intercourse is produced by a special agent of PDE5. It constricts blood vessels. Compresses the walls squeeze blood. The erection disappears sexual organ returns to its normal state. Tadalafil delays production of PDE-5 and causes prolonged erection. Thus, Tadalafil effects on the quality and duration of erection.

It is important to remember that the active substance does not produce nitric oxide production, and stimulates a process that already begun. To develop the substance, it is necessary for the man to be excited. So after received Tadalafil is necessary to begin the usual in such cases caresses.

Why buying Tadalafil - means saving money? Because buying a generic will cost several times cheaper than buying the original drug. The development of the formula, its testing, development of production technology, on all of this development company spent fabulous facilities. Advertising, too, requires a new brand from the company, and considerable costs. All this pays a high price, including a still expected profit. Manufacturers of generic drugs have prepared formula development and manufacturing technology. The name is already popular brand revenue. The costs of production of analogues are minimal. Therefore, selling copies, the firm can afford the price which is several times smaller than the original drug’s.

Why buy Tadalafil, means to save time and energy? The original funds are sold in pharmacies by prescription. What is to go to a reception at the clinic and get a prescription from a doctor, we believe, no need to explain. It takes a lot of time and effort. And if you still find the time and energy needed for a trip to the pharmacy, you get a fairly large consumption. Situation is very different when you buy generic Cialis in general and software in particular. They can be purchased online without a prescription, sitting in your favorite chair and just a few minutes. Simply fill out the order form or call the manager.

As you can see, order Tadalafil, price is 3-4 times lower than the original drug, and also you can even have huge savings of time and effort.


Using a drug, remember that it should not be taken more than once a day. Otherwise, you may experience health problems due to an overdose.

The doctor should assess the possibility of receiving and your medications, because to him, like all medicines, there are contraindications. Take into account that is strictly forbidden to take Tadalafil with other phosphodiesterase inhibitors, nitric oxide, a nitrate and a number of other drugs. The full list can be found in instructions on how to receive drugs with Tadalafil. Contraindications also contain some diseases of the liver, kidney, heart and others. The full list is contained in the same instruction.

Side effects

We have already said that Tadalafil is very gentle to the body, not causing any harm. But sometimes it can cause side effects: headache, vision changes, nausea, diarrhea, back pain, dizziness, fluctuations in blood pressure, flushing of the face, although they appear rarely. Most of them can be avoided by choosing dose carefully and following the instructions both written inside the box with medication, and you doctor’s too. If these symptoms are kept for a long time, consult a doctor right away.


From the completeness of the information that you get before receiving any medicine often depends state of your health and well-being. Usually tablets contain 20 mg of the active substance Tadalafil. This is the most commonly used therapeutic dosage, which gives excellent results to the majority of men with potency disorders of various origins. But it is not always optimal. For people who want to take the drug for the first time and for those who are going to take it only for prevention and greater self-confidence, it is better to use a lower dose. Correction of the amount of active substance is required, and in the case of some severe diseases. Therefore, it is best to engage in the selection of the dosage with your doctor.

Warning/Missed dose

As was mentioned before, this preparation is very soft, but just like with any medicine, the instructions must be followed. Overdosing can cause appearance of the side effects in a more severe manner, and you even might need medical assistance in that case. Therefore, always consult your healthcare provider and carefully read the instruction before using this medicine, and the chance of having any kind of trouble due to using it will be minimal.

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