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Some years ago, people were not able to treat even a half of those ailments that had been chasing the humankind from the very beginning of its existence. Fortunately, the medical and scientific spheres have recently made such great leaps in their advancement that nowadays, we can enjoy incredible amounts of various products that are aimed at conquering different ailments. One of such ailments is erectile dysfunction, or shortly ED.

Vardenafil is one of the three top-leaders in the sphere of ED treatment. This is the main substance of multiple preparations. It is very reliable, efficacious and safe. It acts as other similar inhibitors, securing powerful blood flow to the pelvic organs and providing proper erection, which will come together with natural arousal.

Its action lasts for about 6 hours and does not strongly affect the organism. Therefore, the risk of adverse effects is minimal. Even if those take place, they do not possess a very lasting and severe character.

It is approved by the required official health caring organizations and is of the highest quality and safety. Accordingly, it stands for a free purchase. Nevertheless, prior curing with this preparations, you should consult an expert to know your safe dosing and thus, secure yourself from damage to your health.


Please, remember that under definite conditions, it is strongly restricted to put to use this tool. Some actions or health states can possibly lead to very harmful events, which can damage your health. Probably, you will have to undergo some medical tests to find out if you have any. Some of the contraindications you may already know. If you have any, you should inform your physician.

Do not intake this tool, if you have abnormally high sensuousness to its components, use in parallel products with alpha-blockers, nitrates and nitric oxide donators, intake at the same time SYR3A4 inhibitors. This may lead to hypotension and other complications.

With caution, this tool must be used by the identities that suffer from ailments of kidney and liver. If the functions of these organs are somehow violated. The same refers to identifies who experience difficulties with heart. It has not been determined how this tool will interact with the organism. Consequently, your physician may forbid using this tool under all those disorders and ailments.

It is not advised to be used by examinees with renal ailment in the terminal stage, which requires dialysis, serious hepatic disorder, hypotension unstable angina, hereditary retinal degenerative illnesses.

Vardenafil 10mg should not be used by the men with the deformity of the penis and those who suffer from multiple myeloma, sickle cell anemia, leukemia, have bleeding tendency, ulcers.

If you experience priapism, you must not use this tool as well. This is a state, when the erection is abnormally lasting and can reach more than 4 hours. This tool would only strengthen this ailment, which can lead to a complete loss of receiving erection.

It is not initiated for female treatment, as well as for identities who have not turned 16 years old.

It is advised to avoid driving any sort of vehicles and operating all kinds of machinery until the response to the active substances of the examinees is not determined. They may possibly lack attention and be a bit dizzy at times.

Adverse Effects

Take to your consideration that this tool can be a reason for some adverse effects. These effects are commonly of mild and moderate character and do not last for too long. In most cases, they happen in occasion of overdosing. Stick to all prescriptions and instructions of an expert.

The adverse effects are as follows:

  • chest pain, myocardial infarction, myocardial ischemia, palpitations, syncope, tachycardia.
  • dyspepsia, nausea, change in the functional liver samples, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, dysphagia, dry mouth.
  • headache, dizziness, insomnia, hypoesthesia, paresthesia , drowsiness, tinnitus.
  • troubles with hearing.
  • change in color perception, pain in eyes, troubled vision, a temporary or permanent loss of vision.
  • rhinitis, sinusitis, epistaxis, dyspnea, pharyngitis.
  • flushing, sweating, itching and other allergy reactions.
  • priapism (including too long erection that is followed with pain), ejaculation disorders.
  • flu syndrome, enhanced levels of creatine.

At the very first signs of any adverse effects, please, turn for medical help within the shortest terms. Do not hesitate, because any delay may sufficiently worsen your health conditions.


The initial dosage is commonly 10mg. Its action may start for every identity differently. Everything relies on personal health characteristics and peculiarities of the ailment. However, the common time of the beginning of the action is from 25 to 60 minutes. Consequently, you should schedule your sexual activity beforehand. Do not take more one dose per day. Take it orally with some amounts of water. Fatty foods may delay the action. Nevertheless, you may intake the tablet with or without meals.

The dosing can be either increased to 20mg, or decreased to 5mg per day. That will depend on the effectuality of the tablets and the possibility of the examinee to tolerate it.

The maximum dosage is Vardenafil 20mg and never more! Do not take more than 20mg under any conditions.

There are no regulations of the dosing for elderly examinees.

For identities with moderate hepatic deterioration, the dosing must start from 5mg/day. There is possibility to enhance the dosing, if the needed effectuality is not reached and the treatment is well tolerated.

Warning/Missed Dose

In occasion, the dosed has been missed somehow you should not violate the regular dosing schedule. The redoubled dosage will not help you. It will only enhance the plasma of the active substance of the mean, which will surely increase the severity of adverse effects. This will negatively reflect upon your health conditions. Keep on taking the mean as you used to and inform your physician about the missed dose. Self-curing is very hazardous!

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