Buy Vega 100mg

Buy Vega 100mg

Review of Vega

Vega is a generic version of a popular erectile-dysfunction/impotence prescription drug for men. Its active compound is sildenafil citrate which works by blocking the enzyme PDE5 in the body, thereby allowing increased vascular blood flow to the blood vessels of the male sexual organ. It is administered orally half an hour to an hour before planned sexual activity, and claims to increase arousal and both the ability and the sustainability of the male sexual response. It is designed for men who have had difficulty in the past in becoming physically aroused for sexual intercourse or who have had difficulty sustaining erections during sex. As the drug stimulates the cardiac and vascular systems in the body, a thorough examination by a qualified physician is necessary before being prescribed the product to ascertain the required dosage, the overall health of the individual, potential negative or unwanted side-effects, and potential harmful drug interactions with medications the patient may already be taking. The physician is also compelled to determine the potential underlying cause of the erectile dysfunction to rule out other causes (a psychological issue, for example) and to determine whether being prescribed the drug is indeed warranted. It is also considered necessary to assess the overall health of the eyes of the patient to avoid potential vision problems while taking the drug. The doctor will also decide whether the patient is healthy enough to engage in sexual activity, as it places an added strain on the heart.

Vega is a low-cost alternative to erectile-dysfunction drugs such as Viagra which utilizes the same active compound to produce similar effects while taking the medication. The drug was originally synthesized by the scientific community of Great Britain and later commercialized in the United States by pharmaceutical companies. In addition to being prescribed in its most popular usage as an agent against erectile dysfunction, it is also secondarily prescribed to treat hypertension (high blood pressure).

Contraindications of Vega

Contraindications for the usage of sildenafil citrate (Vega, Viagra, etc.) concentrate around the use of pre-existing prescription medications by the patient for certain cardiac, hypertensive, or cholesterol-related conditions, as well as around the presence of chronic disorders or diseases of the heart, eyes, immune system or bloodstream already present in the patient. Individuals already taking nitrate drugs for chest pain or certain heart problems, such as nitroglycerin, isosorbide dinitrate, or isosorbide mononitrate, are relatively contraindicated from also being prescribed Vega or other sildenafil citrate-based medications. The combination and effects of the two drug categories can cause a sudden-onset and serious drop in blood-pressure. Use of the drug is also contraindicated in patients with a known sensitivity to the main or secondary compounds found in the medication, as rashes and fever are possible in such individuals while using Vega (or the other sildenafil citrate drugs). A second category of relatively contraindicating previous medications to the use of Vega includes any sGC stimulators the patient may be currently taking. SGC stimulators act by stimulating the compound sGC in the body thereby effectively lowering the blood-pressure of the patient, to which simultaneous use of sindenafil citrate can compound and magnify, causing again unsafe and sudden drops in the individual's blood-pressure.

Side effects of Vega

There exist a number of potential side-effects to the use of Vega or its sildenafil-citrate-based family of medications, ranging from mild to severe. As detailed above, the drug-class acts as a PDE5 inhibitor. PDE5 inhibitors often lower the blood pressure of patients. A potential side-effect of the drug is that this reduction may happen suddenly and beyond safe parameters, causing fainting, dizziness, shortness of breath, headache, chest pain, or fatigue. Other side-effects can include headache, back pain, nausea, dizziness, vertigo, redness in the face or chest, hyperacidity (heartburn), stomach pain, diarrhea, memory problems, and certain vision problems. The potential vision problems associated with the use of this drug typically present as blurriness, light sensitivity, and decreased ability to differentiate between the colors green and blue. As can be seen, many of the potential side-effects may be interrelated and mutually catalytic themselves.

Usually, these effects disappear quickly. But if they continue after a few hours, then you need to see a doctor.

Dosage of Vega

Vega 100mg and its sildenafil citrate-based family of medicines have a recommended initial dosage of 50 milligrams in most typical instances of its use. Exceptions to this include: if the patient is over 65 years of age; if the patient is simultaneously prescribed any alpha-blocker; and if the patient suffers from any chronic liver or kidney disorders such as cirrhosis. In all these cases a maximum dose of 25 mg is advised. The drug is ordinarily not prescribed as a "course" - rather, it is orally administered as necessary up to four hours before anticipated sexual activity, with an hour to half an hour before being the ideal timeframe for its effective use. The maximum recommended dosage within a 24-hour period is simply the prescribed dose. Repeated dosages within a 24-hour period are strongly advised against. In certain cases of heightened sensitivity to the drug or its potential side-effects as seen in the elderly or those on alpha-blockers (among others), a maximum dosage of 25 mg every 48 hours is recommended. Vega is available in 50, 100, and 120 mg tablets.

Warning / missed dose of Vega

Since the drug is taken "as necessary" and not as a fixed regimen like an antibiotic would be, no adverse effects arise from a missed dose. In fact, since the medication has no set schedule of use save the advised dosage maximums, there is no infrequency of use which would constitute a missed dose in the first place.

Individuals are advised to discontinue use of the medication and consult their physicians immediately under certain circumstances occurring while taking the drug. Patients who experience dizziness, nausea, pain, or tingling during sex are advised to consult their doctors. If any of these symptoms occur at other times while taking the drug, as well as shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, or swelling of the hands, ankles, feet, or other extremities, the prescribing physician should be consulted as soon as possible. A painful erection or an erection lasting longer than 24 hours is also cause to consult the prescribing physician at the earliest opportunity, as erections lasting longer than 24 hours can cause permanent damage to the penis. In certain cases, use of Vega (or other sildenafil citrate-based drugs) can result in decreased bloodflow to the optic nerve, which may in turn lead to sudden loss of vision or vision problems. This phenomenon is more likely in patients with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, as well as with smokers, those with chronic diseases of the eye, and users over 50. Any incidence of a sudden loss of vision or sudden changes or problems with vision while taking the drug are recommended to be evaluated by the prescribing physician at the earliest possible opportunity.

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